The Architect

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Architect

This world has many examples of great architecture designed by some of the most inventive and clever people. But not all of the best architects are people! Come and meet one such architect. One who builds from an aged design that has stood the test of time. A place to raise a family. A place that, unlike some of mankinds, is  eco-friendly, is made from all natural materials gathered without the use of hands and transported by mouth. Combined with a bit of “spit” and placed in an exacting way to create a tiny wonder.

Who could create a structure like this?

Look here she comes now, placing her mud in just the right place

Making sure it is in place and secure
Then inspect the interior  smoothing out an lumps or bumps191115_blog_challenge_architect_wasp_nest4

Isn’t she one of the best architects?
The Australian Hornet is one of the group known as potter wasps. They are a solitary insect and feed on flower nectar – pollinator – and hunt caterpillars – good for your garden – which quite often end up in the mud house for their larvae to feed on once they hatch. The caterpillars and other grubs are not killed but are comatose and the Hornets larvae consume them live.
They rarely attack people and are not aggressive just big and scary until you get to know them.

9 thoughts on “The Architect

    1. Well Becky, if the caterpillars were dead, they would probably rot and decay so the youngsters room wouldn’t smell all that good. They are new “hatched” after all and not teenagers whose rooms are always smelly. They prey is quite fresh so the nutrition is available for the larvae. Mud daubers, another potter wasp, have small spiders in the larder for their young to feast upon once hatched. I hope I have explained ok Becky 🙂

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      1. 🙂 I must head off. I am quite weary after a big day trying to make sure things are a fire proof as I can. Things I take for granted are now not. A usual season, the leaves and things rot down as does the mulch on the garden. I know have piles of leaves that I will have to work out where to put them tomorrow. Thank you for being there Becky ❤


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