The Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Not the Norm

Some of the sunsets over the past few weeks are definitely “not the norm,” a mixture of dust from the farms out west whipped up by strong winds and smoke from the twenty or so bushfires burning around my place. None very close but tomorrow and Wednesday is set to be quite a challenge. I am prepared and will go when and if I have to. I have an escape route and plan.

early_sky_sihouettte_sunset_fire_named_caniaba_sept 2019


sun_sky_cloud_sunset_fire_named_caniaba_sept 2019


sunset_fires_orange_named_caniaba_sept 2019










sun3_clouds_smoke_fire_named_home_jackadgery_oct 2019




sun1_clouds_smoke_fire_named_home_jackadgery_oct 2019

28 thoughts on “Sunsets

      1. It will rain one day Ann-Christine. Yesterday was the first day in recorded (white fella) history that it didn’t rain anywhere in Australia


      2. It will. They said on the news that today would be the most difficult day. So high temperatures and wind. How do you find water? I guess you have summer draughts each year…but it is not summer yet. I also saw that the bats were dying in thousands. Sad, everything is changing in the world. I am not truly religious, but sometimes I pray.

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      3. It was quite a difficult day. Tomorrow will be cooler. I have dams on my property but they are empty or quite low due to a lack of rain over the past 2 years. I have rainwater tanks that collect rain water. They are 2 X 5,000gallon water tanks. I also have a header tank up the hill – 2000gals so at the moment I have one full 5,000 tank, the header tanks if full and the other has about 3000gals. Droughts are rare. Usually it rains from Spring to Autumn and I have dry Winters. The heat does kill Flying Foxes every so often. The lack od rain hasn’t helped prepare the bush for these fires. I am hoping for Summer rains this year. I don’t pray I have hope


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