Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Tourism

Where to go? What to see? Want to have a look? Some have names others well… can have a guess…….OK Let’s go……….

180625_square rooves_sydney opera house


171116_blog challenge_bridges_ponte vecchio florence


171116_blog challenge_bridges_castel vecchio_verona
Castel Vecchio Verona
171116_blog challenge_bridges_venice02
181107_blog challenge_bridges_grafton_bridge_full
Grafton Bridge over the Clarence River
Japanese Gardens Toowoomba



180530_blog challenge_height_bell tower_split


180606_square rooves_houses_named_split_croatia


180817_blog challenge_street light_london eye


180331_squae march_ferris wheel_brisbane


180820_blog challenge_over 100 years old_luss_scotland_cottage2


180607_blog challenge_arch_dome_rome


180617_square rooves_temple_seoul_south korea


171101_blog challenge_letters_spain03


180607_blog challenge_arch_arc de triomph_paris
and a bit of my home town to finish170426_water_grafton_crown hotel


170921_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton bank

10 thoughts on “Tourism

  1. Aren’t you mysterious. 😉 The first two I guessed just fine, then several have captions, but the last half is without and I had trouble to recognise most of them. Especially curious about the arch and the next one with the rooftops. I haven’t been to Verona yet and don’t remember seeing this bridge anywhere yet. Most excellent.

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