It’s in the eye

Sunshine’s Macro Mondayย  – 11 and Kate’s Friday Fun: Reptile

To me macro is getting in close not just a whole flower but what’s inside or not just an small insect but perhaps their wing up or body so close that you can see ever so much. So today let’s get up close with an Eastern Water Dragon and see eye to eye.

water dragon_eye_binna burra_named_feb 2015
The wonderful colours that you don’t normally noticewater dragon_red skin_binna burra_named_feb 2015


34 thoughts on “It’s in the eye

  1. I agree with you completely! I’m saving for a better lens, but I still get amazed with what I see when I zoom in. Plants and creatures have so much beauty we don’t see from a distance. I love your lizard (he’s a lizard, correct?)!

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  2. “Can see where so much”
    Ahhhh – indeed
    And the song was cool with the mood and use of instruments – that piano was used- and at times the different ones sang and had their own messages

    It was pleasant to hear the instruments because a lot of contemporary music has less

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    1. Thanks Yvette ๐Ÿ™‚ An oldie from a New Zealand/Australian band. So much great music. Well worth a listen to some of their other music as well. I think piano is second to guitars in rock music for me

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