More bird silhouettes

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #62: Silhouettes

I know I have probably done more than enough of my bird silhouettes posts.
They are a passion that I haven’t done for a while so maybe posting a few of them will be inspiration to do some more. It is quite time consuming as I hand “colour” the edges almost each pixel at a time to get the desired black and white silhouette effect. I was selling framed photos at the markets when we had a stall as time permitted and they sold well.

Hope you enjoy these birds.
A Spangled Drongo

A Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoosilhouette-blog_yellow-tailed-black-cockatoo
A Golden Whistler – This one took a lot of timesilhouette_blog_whistler
A Rainbow Bee Eatersilhouette_blog_rainbow-bee-eater
A Red Wattlebird – This one took the most time to get it the way I wantedsilhouette-blog_wattlebird

The featured photo is a Pied Cormorant

34 thoughts on “More bird silhouettes

    1. The process is complicated. First turn image into B&W, then get all the fuzzy areas, enlarge so you have pixels and use the black :pen” and make the outline of the subject a hard black line. Then make sure the white is white not grey and do the same so the black meets the white in a strong line. See simple as Tracy


  1. Wow, Brian. Absolutely fabulous images. I see your explanation on you hand paint them, but I think I need an instructional video!! And you included Queen. A perfect post for me! Thanks!

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    1. Thank you Patti πŸ™‚ A video would be quite boring. Select black and pen size, find a grey pixel on the bird click. do the same for the white that is grey. Converting from colour to B&W doesn’t give instant resilts

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