I have a few

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday: Guitar

The Yamaha on the left is the acoustic guitar I bought when a slightly out of it girl fell over and onto my guitar at the time snapping the neck and sort of crushing the body, the guitar not her.
The Epiphone is the last guitar I bought from my best mate. His wife told him if he buys a guitar he has to sell one. Lucky me as he gave me his old amp as well.190910_blog_challenge_guitars_electric_epiphone
This is the first guitar I bought with the money I saved when I was around 16. It cost $115.00 It is a copy of a Maton Jazzman made in Japan. I cannot find any information about my Splendor guitar.190910_blog_challenge_guitars_electric_splendor

170622_blog challenge_music_guitars

21 thoughts on “I have a few

  1. I have a few, as well. Guitar show and tell is one of my favorite games! Do you ever watch Live From Daryl’s House? I love to check out all his guitars while I listen. So nice to meet your treasured friends!

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    1. I’ll have to check yours out Victoria πŸ™‚ I don’t remember that show. They are my friends indeed. I should get them out more. Just been noodling on the Splendor


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