Reflections at the waterhole

The August Photo a day Challenge from Maria at CitySonnet for the 29th: Reflections

When life gets you down
head down to the waterhole
A place where life gathers
A place where the day dissolves
Find yourself a rock
even though the water
is diminishing with drought
listen to the bush
Hear the sounds of life
immerse yourself in life
The bush is never quiet
the buzzing of insects
the crunch of leaves
as animals and lizards
move about
The smell of the dry bush
the sounds of plants dying
dropping leaves and branches
The Rains will come
one day.
So for now
sit and reflect
your heart will not
be heavy for long
Cry if you want
let the bush
wash over
Sit and listen on
the rock by the waterhole.
Here they come
finding a place to be
a small puddle
of life






28 thoughts on “Reflections at the waterhole

  1. Read the words twice and soaked up then photos different after the second read.
    I really like how you have the segments with
    And then the
    One day

    Helpful transitions and such a timely piece that I an sure you will look back in and remember these days in 2019

    Hope the needed water comes soon

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This is why I don’t let too many posts sit as drafts – And why I don’t schedule posts – like I could have things lined up for September already – but in the moment (somewhat) makes me enjoy it more and that means a lot – eh?

        Liked by 1 person

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