Web of gold

The Ragtag Tuesday prompt: Web

Looking about
it is there
can’t you
Is it
a web
of intrigue?
Is it
a web
of entanglement?
over there
Can’t you
It will
the unawares
snaring those
don’t see.
She is
Oh do
look about.
You may jump
as she ensnares
patiently waiting
for you
she is there
oh do pay attention
Her web
is golden
She is waiting
for you.

golden orb weaver_sky_named_home_may 2018

13 thoughts on “Web of gold

  1. Hahahaha
    my nieghbors watch in mild suprise
    to see me yet again at dawn
    bathed within its prismed light
    upon my deck, out on my lawn

    imagine a dancer greeting morn
    I pirouette , arms sweeping wide
    silence broke by squeals of glee?
    hair whipping, to and fro, side to side

    I launch my coffee across the yard
    again caught in the spiders snare
    and wildly dash about the lawn
    web streched across my face and hair

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