The Ironbark tree

Sunshine’s Macro Monday

I commenced this photo challenge with a flower, then a leaf, so to continue with my theme for this Macro Monday. The bark of an Ironbark tree – with a spiders web thrown in.
spiders web_ironbark_named_home_june 2017

24 thoughts on “The Ironbark tree

      1. Considering where you live I’m now wondering if your idea of smallish the same as mine!

        By the way, I took your advice and moved further away from the subject when attempting a macro image and it worked! Though not as close up and as sharp as some of yours have been. I’m saving the photo for next Saturday’s photo challenge.

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      2. Smallish is about a fingernail. Glad it sorta worked for your macro. Has your camera a macro function? I use mine when I can get in very close. Otherwise I just set Auto and move back until I can get the right focus

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      3. The long lens has a switch either macro or normal. The standard lens does not. The dial on the camera has various settings and one that says M and I assumed that meant Manual. Generally I use Auto. Occasionally I use the flower setting or movement/sport mode… when I remember!

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      4. Yes M would be manual. I don’t have the ability to lens change. I use the continuous shot function when I remember as well. This is good for insects and birds who take off when you don’t expect it.

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    1. That is a great idea. I read a post where they buy second hand cameras and get them serviced by the manufacturer and it costs less that buying new. A camera shop may send the camera off for you but there will be third party costs.

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