Blue #30 – Collecting material for building a nest

This months square challenge from Becky: Blue

Well here is the second last day for Becky’s #Blue #JulySquares photo challenge. Why not get a favourite photo with a bit of blue crop it square and show us what you have and join the Square Gang.

This one is also for Debbies Six Word Saturday challenge

On Saturday while sitting on the verandah and having a cuppa, a Blue-faced Honeyeater just flew into the front garden and landed on the ground. Most unusual for them to be on the ground. I wondered why and then he looked up and flew off. This is one of the photos of a Blue-faced Honeyeater gathering nesting material.






32 thoughts on “Blue #30 – Collecting material for building a nest

  1. It is so difficult to say one of your best –
    because in what category? And for what?
    Like the bird bath ones I have been raving about – ha – there is action and community and color and all that
    then here – this is composition – portraiture – and okay – the soft fiocus and details also give it that high professional feel –
    just hard to say best – ya know

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    1. It is rather subjective isn’t it. The best for what? I thought I would have a look at other Blue-faced Honeyeater photos and there are quite a number that would be “oh that’s the best” or ” no this one” “how about that shot” Yep I don’t have A best

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      1. yes
        so hard –
        and this is why you might be my very favorite photographer –
        but enough of that – glad I don’t have to pick just one fav – but you know I am a fan

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      2. and I didn’t have time to comment on those posts – but Foreigner’s Blue day song – prefect for the month of blue and now that song has been in my head since I heard it – ha

        then the Neil young one – that is a dear song from childhood –
        and also fit with the blue theme so well – so high five for songs again this week –
        and best wishes with that final blue square – hmmm

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  2. Such an interesting bird! When I was visiting a cattle station in the East Kimberley, I saw one of these birds and followed it around but didn’t get the picture I wanted. Yours is just beautiful!

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