The Photo a Week Challenge from Nancy: Unexpected

I love the unexpected in photos. Most time I don’t realise until I download and see the photo on the big screen. The featured photo. I was taking photos of bees in the Bangalow Palm flowers and didn’t see the Eastern Dwarf Green Tree Frog sitting among the flowers

The insect on the Dandelion
180628_lost in detail_dandelion_insect

So often there is a small spider in a flower
171012_blog challenge_scale_spider03
I guess it must be unexpected for a spider to have someone poke aroundspider_yellow flower_named_oct2013
Going for the sun through the Grevillea flower and get photo-bombed by a dragonfly170315_dragonfly blog_flying

Not the best fisher on the river that day
pelican_fishing_grafton_named_june 2014

Another photo-bomb, this time a bee
grevillea_red_bee_named_home_august 2017

I was taking photos of Banana flowers and didn’t notice until I enlarged that there was a murder taking place. An Assassin Bug has an ant. Most unexpected
assasin bug_bananas_named_home_sept 2017

13 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. Another froggy! Great. And I love the spider peeking from under the petal. 000000000000000000000000000000 (this last comment was from my cat who insists on typing when I type). And the idea of a dragon fly photobombing you … love it!

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      1. I had the chance to collect “tule” (too-lee) in Northern California – I had this job teaching science that year – and while life was so busy a(two little kids – a second coast to coast move – and feeling overwhelmed while trucking on) I had little surprises with my job that was “just work” at the time and now bring smiles of gratefulness.
        and the “collecting tule day” was an adventure – and I carried three tree frogs on my arm for a little while. They were every where and they were brand new to me – nothing like in any place I had lived.
        so thanks for the photo that brought me back to that 2002 memory

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  2. Oh, Brian, these are brilliant!
    I took your advice on using the macro setting and moved a little further away, the pictures were okay but nothing like as good as yours. Perhaps i need better quality equipment.

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