Chatting at the bird bath

The Weekly Prompts Word Prompt: Idle Chatter

We humans have a propensity to gather at the coffee machine or kettle or water cooler at work where we can have a bit of a chin wag. So perhaps a place where there is water to drink and to bathe is a place where birds like to congregate and indulge in idle chatter.

silvereyes_birdbath_named_caniaba_jan 2019


miners02_bird bath_binna burra _feb 2012
Sometimes idle chatter can lead to arguements180822_blog challenge_scene_birdbath5_king parrots


spangled drongos__bird bath_named_binna burra_march 2016


red browed firetail_silvereye_bird bath_named_home_aug 2018


silvereyes_bird bath_named_home_aug 2018


rainbow lorikeets05_bird bath_home_named_oct 2014

27 thoughts on “Chatting at the bird bath

  1. now you know how
    much i love your bird bath shots (and truly so glad that i get to
    enjoy yours via your blog as my bird bath still
    waits for visitors – did see one the other day – but i digress)
    and as Leya said –
    i could look at them all day.
    the second one is so good that i just added it to one of my favorite pics of the year so far
    – he lighting ok that second bird (with tail up-) and the five birds and he whole
    composition – but if foliage left – etc

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      1. and I forgot to tell you.
        The very day when I noted that I was jealous of your variety of birds (and please note that was not a legit jealousy) well I was sitting with a friend (listening to a venting friend) and the most colorful bird was in the tree next to the stairs we were on.
        I felt like it was a gift – a reward for my giving this person a little time (yawn)
        and then also – maybe god gave me a touch of heart’s desire – and had that colorful bird flit around —
        and lately I am back to the 90% robins – but I love them – even if they don’t use my bird bath –

        Liked by 1 person

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