Blue #23 – more blue eyes

This months square challenge from Becky: Blue

The theme for July is ‘blue‘, and as always it is totally up to you how you interpret the square theme but whatever you decide to do, please remember there is a rule if you want to part of the Square Gang and be sure your photos are square so you can make it into the gallery.

The last photo of a doll did cause some angst among the Square Gang, so as not to disappoint (plus I took quite a number of doll photos in the museum) here are the rest in one big post. I was going to do a mosaic but then you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the wonders that are dolls from years gone by.












19 thoughts on “Blue #23 – more blue eyes

  1. More blue! You will be having nightmares shortly – not about the dolls though, you’re more likely to have dreams that the world is covered in a blanket blue!

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  2. I was always afraid of those dolls who had eyes that rolled open and closed. Just seeing the pics reminded me of visiting my grandmother when I was 5 and she had one of those dolls, a leftover from the 40’s with a hard plastic head, and I think the eyes rolled shut and into the head, because it was old. Finished me off for life 🙂

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  3. You sure give us variety and this was unexpected
    That last one….
    It reminds me of how far doll making has come – how they could barely do
    Teeth- had to paint it on.

    And in les Miserables – Jean brings Cosette a doll – and this post reminded me it might not have her Walt Disney cute—/ as us commented –

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