The Bearded Iris

The word prompt from the Lens-Artists: Detail

You probably have seen lots of photos of Bearded Iris especially on Cee’s FOTD Do you know why they are called a Bearded Iris. Lets have a look at some detail shall we?

Here is the Bearded Iris that I hold dear as it is a memory of a friend

A little closer, viewed from the top, and you can see the Iris a bit clearer
Once you look you can see the “beard”190714_blog_challenge_detail_bearded_iris2

Wonderful little beard

15 thoughts on “The Bearded Iris

  1. It is the most beautiful vibrant colour.

    I am sorry that Geoff passed away, but I’m also pleased that you have something to always remind you of your friendship and those neighbourly times spent together. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Beautiful flower – that color is so striking. Great job catching the bees/bugs too. Sorry about your friend, I trust he’d be touched that you have the flower and treasure it so.

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    1. Thank you Shelley. He let me get a lot of plants from his garden so I will have many memories. I haven’t been to his place since he left as I am not sure if the new owner is a gardener.

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