Around my place

The word prompt from Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Outdoors
The word prompt from Terri’s Sunday Stills: Great Outdoors

When you live in the forest it is always the great outdoor just outside the front or back door.

170330_illusion_garden seat


durranbah_fog_forest_named_home_aug 2018


181010_blog challenge_pool_pond_durranbah_waterhole_dry


171208_blog challenge_houses_durranbah


37 thoughts on “Around my place

  1. I like the quietness of your photos – the bench has a nice mood – but so do the other pics – and the Blur song is really interesting with the rat race, medicated society ideas – hmmm

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      1. My little island will fit into a small corner of yours. I just thought Brian lived in your town of Geelong too, assuming that is a town I must be mixing him up with someone else. Sorry !πŸ˜€

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      2. My city is Leeds. With a population of over 800,000 people. in the West of Yorkshire, the metropolitan is ranked as the largest economic centre of the UK, after London. Obviously I’m not in the city I’m in a rural area just outside of a village ten miles north of the city and virtually on the North Yorkshire border, but I’m still classed as living in Leeds.

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      3. Grafton has just over 19,000. The Clarence Valley Council area has 50,000. My locality, just a service station, shop, caravan park, community hall and now disused school has probably 200 – 250 people over about tens of thousands of hectares


      4. Wow, that’s big Sue. Geelong is the centre of the tourist me a of Victoria.
        The Great Ocean Road
        Surf Coast, famous Bells Beach
        Many music Festivals
        Like the Port Fairy Folk Music Festival
        A beautiful City by the Bay

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      5. It sounds lovely Ivor. I avoid the city as much as I can. I shop in the little market town of Otley. That is also now part of Leeds Metropolitan or I drive to Harrogate for the bigger department stores.

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    1. Not always. Possums fighting or putting on boots and running across the roof, Summer rains the frogs are deafening and miscellaneous noiuse that go bump in the night πŸ™‚


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