Here is Debbies One Word Sunday: Size
Some of the things I have been contemplating on contributing for OWS perhaps can also be some of my Favourite Things as Patti from Ragtag asked.
Perhaps some of the small things in my world should be a start. The feature photo is a Scarlet Honeyeater, the smallest honeyeater and a red jewel that flashes through my garden and the forest.

I love having Stingless Native Bees in my garden
crocus_stingless native bee_close_named_home_dec 2017

stingless native bees_hippeastrum_named_home_oct 2107
and of course Blue-banded Bees scrunching into flowersbee blue bum_crop_binna burran feb 2012
All of the tiny native flowers that abound on my placewisteria-native_named_home_aug-2016

native flower_purple_named_home_august 2017

170929_blog challenge_square sept_native gardenia

flower_native_yellow_small_named_home_nov 2018

I have to include some big things too. Kookaburras are always hunting in the garden and waking me with their morning song
kookaburra_post_named_home_april 2017
Overhead one of the Square-tailed Kite family soars square-tailed-kite01_named_home_nov-2016
While in the garden, a Red-necked Wallaby snacks on the Honey Gem Grevillea 171102_blog challenge_peek_wallaby04

The trees of the forest that surround are the big
durranbah_fog_forest_named_home_aug 2018

Now a warning for those who have a thing about spiders – there is one in the next image


Isn’t she a beauty. She lived in my laundry for a Summer and then came into the lounge and dining rooms for Winter last year. I think she became bored of my company and headed outside.170315_side view_huntsman_size

28 thoughts on “Size

      1. I apparently missed the caption of wallaby. I failed to notice it the first time I scrolled on the photos. Apparently, I was so engrossed looking at those beautiful shots.

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    1. Thank you Tracy πŸ™‚ Yes she is the biggest Huntsman I have seen and so glad she hung around the house, my natural pest control. The Kite photo is easy when they fly over the house and scare the shit out of the chook

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  1. Wow!! Beautiful. I take it she is harmless but helpful. You’d laugh at the little spider that surprised me, in good way, in the garden yesterday as I weeded. It’s probably the size of the Huntsman’s foot!

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  2. I scrolled before I read and near almost fainted when I saw the size of that spider. And you let it live in your house???????????
    Oh my. I had to go back and look at that adorable Kookaburra- to get a new image to stick in my head.

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    1. I put that warning in especially for you as well Lisa. Huntsman spiders are totally harmless and so good at eating other insects. She is not the only one.
      Thank you for taking the time to have a look at so many posts. ❀
      I guess your new computer is working well πŸ™‚


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