Awaken the Sleeper

The Inspiration Quotation from Debbie at Travel With Intent

“Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.” Frank Herbert (1920-1986), author of Dune, and much more

The back story
Benny the cat was a ferocious cat. A feral parentage was found alone at a friends place and was bought home as a tiny kitten. He was hand fed by my daughter. Benny used to chase the girls as they played, but could be sweet. He was a real killer. Nothing in the garden was safe. A neighbour used to visit with his dog until one day Benny clawed him in a surprise attack. From that day on Callum the dog never came with Geoff. He would walk as far as the front gate and then turn back home. Benny has been gone for a few years now and the birds have returned to the garden, the skinks have tails and the neighbourhood dogs still are scared to come down the drive.

One day I came home to find Benny with his “dog” which he had a as kitten. This dog used to be dragged all over the house turning up in unexpected places. I don’t think Benny wanted his photo taken with him cuddling his dog.
“The sleeper must awaken”

190605_benny_with toy_eyes_closed


190605_benny_with toy_eyes open