27 thoughts on “All Lined Up

  1. Nice lines, Bushboy. It that cathedral in Barcelona? Wild. And Mick really laid it on the line as well!!!! Thanks for contributing. Do you remember where the fishing pole sculpture is? I LOVE it. Great pics all around…Judy

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  2. So much to like here – Paul Klee would be proud (I think of that artist when I think it lines- πŸ˜‰ )
    And I had to pause at each photo with some nice richness – and did I see a BB selfie in that reflection

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      1. And just was able to check out the video – for the three of course… and
        Mick jagger was sure a god front man and stage presence – so talented
        And just heard a pop song last week (don’t listen to much pop but once in a while on a long drive across town I flip those radio stations) and a young girls singer has a line “”unless you look like Mick jagger” (it rhymed right in there) and I had to laugh for a few reasons – but one was the staying power of the Stones – and there was that other very popular song with “moves like Jagger”
        And I never heard the song featured today – Do you have a favorite Stones song?

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      2. Thanks for your comment Yvette πŸ™‚ I don’t have a favourite Stones song as it changes everyday. I have one shelf in my CD’s just for Rolling Stones (38, I just went and counted) It is amazing Mick still moves like that today at 75!!!

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