Squares and Circles

Oh how could I resist this photo challenge from Nancy: Squares and Circles

“This weekโ€™s challenge is all about mixing squares and circles. Photography is a rectangular activity. Even though our lenses are round, the output is not. You can create a round image using post-processing methods. You can also create a round image using scissors on a print (very old-fashioned). I used the cropping tool in Photoshop to put my round pie into a square.”

Perhaps I was attracted by the thought of Nancy’s pie


“For anyone who is interested: my pie is a take on a blueberry sour cream pie recipe that I found online.”

Enough of the prologue, thanks for the challenge Nancy, let’s see what I can come up with and find some circles in squares. Stop laughing Becky. Mmmm pie ๐Ÿ™‚



180331_square march_ferris wheel_cocle bay


180323_square march_plate_morrocan


180320_square march_cathedral windows


1712_standby010_blog challenge_squaresky_sunset


180309_square march_moon


16 thoughts on “Squares and Circles

  1. The video did not play in my country but another one on YouTube played and that song fit the theme so well – a very 60s psychedelic feel – and then I sampled like a rolling stone – but expected it to be a different song – either way – gracias for some more music exposure
    And – the wooden circle square was my fav here – think it was the featured image – but the variety was also nice

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    1. I have had that song on the vinyl LP for years. The whole feel of Vanilla Fudge was very avant-garde. Isn’t finding new music great. Thank you for taking time to read listen and comment Yvette


      1. Ahhhhh….
        Good collection
        – I am actually aiming to get a small collection of vinyl LPs
        At the Sean McConnell concert in March his opening musician, Caleb Elliot, had actual records – (Sean didn’t this time around I guess) but we got a signed one from Caleb –

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