Kate’s Friday Fun: Luxury

First Class
a seat on a train


speeding along
countryside whizzing past
enjoy the sights
read a book
“Vorresti un giornale, signore”


snack on the food
from a trolley
coming down the aisle
or perhaps
Peut-être un vin madame

Lo siento no entiendo
180420_blog challenge_seating_train seat
Whizzing along
so far away
First Class seats

8 thoughts on “Luxury

  1. Back in my previous life I used to purchase cheap first class eurail passes … they were great to sleep in!

    Thanks for sharing this magnificent train journey but doesn’t look like there were many passengers …

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      1. I used to take it at night, cheap accom as I moved from location to location … in those days guards would wake us for passport checks everytime we crossed a border … imagine that’s more relaxed now it’s united!

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