What’s on the beach

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Pollution

One day, about a year ago, my bestie and I went to South Ballina Beach to have a pleasant late Autumn day in the warm North Coast sunshine. While we strolled along the beach we noticed a few bits of plastic so we thought we should pick it up. After a while we had gathered enough to have to find a place to put the rubbish we had picked up. Luckily along the beach I found a 20litre bucket so we had somewhere easy to put all we had found.
What we found was plastic. Drink bottles, some with foreign writing so we assumed they came from a freight ship or cruise ship out to sea, 4litre oil containers, shampoo bottles and my find of the day – a toilet seat!!!

Here is our find of plastic pollution that is destroying our oceans, or I should say has destroyed our oceans and marine environment.


So how about when you go to the beach or to a park beside a waterway, pick up a bit of rubbish to help in your small way to help our planet


Sea Turtles eating plastic bags that look like jelly fish, plastic bottles and straws that break down into micro plastics and are ingested by all manner of marine life that fill their stomachs and are unable to pass through, leaving less room for their natural foods, microfibres and microbeads that are used in manufacturing that will always be in our environment. Bio-degradable is a myth unless it is produced from natural products.


Ocean Plastic Pollution

17 thoughts on “What’s on the beach

  1. I’m glad you wrote this, and shared the photos. While it’s beautiful “out there” a closer look often reveals what you gathered. About two years ago I started gathering trash on a trail near my home. In the beginning I had to leave some for another time as my bag didn’t have room. People started saying thank you as time went, and ironically the litter seems to be less and less. I think others realized too, if we all pitch in not only does it make our trail happy, but it also feeds our soul. This was great! PS. Wear/take gloves. 😉

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  2. The top of our farm drive is set back from the lane and provides the ideal spot for passing motorists to pull over and use a mobile phone (cell phone). Unfortunately, it also offers the opportunity to dump their rubbish over the hedge and into the front field. No thought is given to the animals that graze there nor to the curious birds that swoop down looking for something to eat.

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    1. That is so inconsiderate. I hope the animals don’t eat plastic or the other vermin attracting rubbish. I know you shouldn’t have to but is there a sign saying please don’t rubbish my place arseholes. Be nice to have a mobile phone blocking device.

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      1. Perhaps we should get one. Over the years when the children had BBQ parties and friends over to camp, I put up temporary signs with pictures of cows and sheep that said We live Here please put your rubbish in the bin!

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  3. Great awareness post – and plastics are so bad for the human body too – ugh – hope we all get this addressed soon – for the oceans and it’s habitat and for human health

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