The word prompt from Maria at CitySonnet: Lemon

Yes we have many lemons for this photo challenge

A beautiful Lemon flower
lemon blossom_binna burra_named_oct 2014
Of course a Lemon181207_time_square_lemon_sour_time
But did you know we have Lemon Migrant Butterflies? Looks lovely on a Pentas flowerlemon migrant_named_home_jan 2015
or just sitting on a leaflemon migrant butterfly_named_home_feb 2015

A bit of Aussie music

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  1. I like the first one a lot….and the post is fun for lemon (and mine just went live so we are on the same page with a post theme – 🙂
    and do not have volume right now so feedback on the song coming later 9when i come back for the April post – BRB soon amigo)

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