24 thoughts on “Bread

  1. Your raised loaf reminds me of what my grandmother on my mom’s side used to make – it smelled so good and hot from the oven – she would have the pans lined up – it was the best when hot from the oven. (Too bad she was rather mean – just grumpy – and not to slam bread too much – but have you heard the book called “bread head” – well too much bread and too many sugars and refined carbs can lead to a type of diabetes or Brain issues – esp if the person does not have enough fats and oils and trace minerals – and in hind sight I wonder about this with her affect)
    Anyhow – I read that you have a bread machine and mmmm – the butter spread on the slice is my fav picture here –

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  2. Can I have the ratio please? I’ve never been successful with wholemeal bread, so use only white in my machine. It is quite old now and I sure the modern ones bake far quicker than mine. Your bread is making me hungry for my breakfast. Just after 7:00 AM here in England.

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    1. I have a reasonable new machine. The flour I use is a really good Australian one by Lauke. I use 2 cups wholemeal 2cups crusty white seven eighths teaspoon yeast 380mls water. The measurements will depend on what your machine quantities will be. Good luck 5pm here now

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