The word prompt from Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Technology

There are many uses for technology. The use of electricity has made life for us humans easier than in the past. In order to make electricity accessible, we have to have infrastructure to ensure technology and vast possibilities are within our grasp. The intricate designs and use of materials to carry the power to us are around us everyday.

There are many uses of our technology

A Brahminy Kite having lunch on a power polebrahminy kite_cropped_grafton_112011

A Little Corella swinging on the wireslittle corella_grafton_named_june 2014
A Pelican enjoying the morning sun171210_blog challenge_elevation_pelican

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  1. I, too, chuckled at the pelican; it reminded me of the Canadian Geese here who march around on top of houses. Also thought of the hawks who survey the world from atop power poles. Great post!

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      1. Yep. They can be rather loud. My husband refers to the “cigar butts” geese leave behind on sidewalks; neither of us is will be checking the roof.

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