34 thoughts on “Less is More

      1. well sometimes you give “too much less” about your photos – and you leave it all to the chance of the reader to ask the right question about an image – otherwise that – we never get any backstory –
        sometimes we need a little Brian – just sayin
        but hey – your blog and you can be the mystery man –

        but you do have some great and awesome stuff going on here at the BB blog – – and glad glad you have the chook-proof lawn that is, ahem, impeccable

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      2. I take your point Yvette. I like the images to speak for them selves and let the curiosity of the viewer let the image be what they want it to be.
        Yes some things are impeccable lol

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      3. I know, I know – we have had this discussion before –
        and even tho it is not my preference – ha – it shows the true ARTIST you are.
        and I think I shared that in my dining room I have this art book sitting open. An old Feldman textbook from 1972 (so delicious)
        and earlier this month read a few sections on art criticism and the types – etc.
        and a few times he noted that the “artists take” or the “artists intention” is not pertinent to the art critique – it can factor in later – but it is outside the realm.
        And so that reminds me of your take on presenting your work.
        And I humble accept – hahah

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      4. I guess that’s what I am about….unintentionally. Maybe I am a minimalist with my photography but then that puts me in a box. But then again if I am in a box I could be Schrodinger’s Cat ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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      5. Hahah –
        Well after enjoying your recent basket post – I think you know exactly what each post needs – and if you want photos to stand alone I won’t bark (or meow) about it anymore –

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