The Ragtag Daily Word Prompt Wednesday: Busy

What could more busy than a bee or two.

A Carpenter Bee in among some Cassia flowersbee_casia_home_named_jan 2014
Of course I have to include my favourite Blue-banded Bee scrunching into a Blue Ginger flowerblue-banded-bee_blue-ginger_named_home_dec-2016
and this busy fellow from almost a year ago buzzing about a Lilli Pilli flower180420_blog challenge_busy_native bee
One of my all time favourite bee photo, a Stingless Native Bee cuddling a Water Lily flowerflower_grafton art gallery_waterlily bee_name_oct 2010

Before and After April 2019

Here is a new photo challenge from Bren Before and After

From the photo supplied by Bren, the aim is to “edit the image using your own creativity and with whatever software programs or apps you use.”

The original image supplied by Bren
Edited by bushboy photos at http://www.bushboy.blog

The software program I use is Corel PaintShop Pro 2019 Ultimate. I am sure you would like to know what I did…….well so would I as I started playing around and just kept going
I used an Artistic Effect called Chrome, I then enhanced the colour saturation, reduced the light, increased the highlights. The next process was an Image Effect called Seamless Tiling utilising Mirror effect. As for the percentages and other details I didn’t take notes. Maybe next month I shall be more diligent!!