The Eastern Yellow Robin

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: In or on water

It is bath time for a little Eastern Yellow Robin
Will I go in or not?
OK, here I go190412_blog_challenge_blackandwhite_water_birdbath_eastern_yellow_robin2

That was refreshing190412_blog_challenge_blackandwhite_water_birdbath_eastern_yellow_robin4
Should I go in again?190412_blog_challenge_blackandwhite_water_birdbath_eastern_yellow_robin5
No, maybe just get a bit of sun190412_blog_challenge_blackandwhite_water_birdbath_eastern_yellow_robin6
That’s so much better190412_blog_challenge_blackandwhite_water_birdbath_eastern_yellow_robin7

36 thoughts on “The Eastern Yellow Robin

  1. oh wow – love the alternating of the mono and color- with the clarity of feather color.. those water droplets in the splash shot –
    and your fun words
    – also that is a nice bird bath – would love that in my yard

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      1. yes – I saw the terra cotta one in that 2017 post.
        the old world pattern is what I like….
        I once had some 8th graders make a bird bath –
        we poured cement into these round trays for the bath part and a local store had these roman bases – think they were supposed to hold a garden bal – those pretty glass balls. and so they put shells in the trim and added a design –
        it workd “okay” but the cement was too heavy and mine cracked that season – some students said theirs lasted but next time would have used a polymer clay – but it was fun and I had some ideas to burn (young and eager)

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