The word prompt from Nancys Photo a Week Photo Challenge: Fire
So much fire.

There’s the to keep warm outside on a winters nightfire04_home_sept 2013
Of course there is the Fire Sticks plant in the afternoon sun
firesticks_named_binna burra_july 2017

or the flowers of a Fire Wheel Tree
fire wheel tree flower_named_grafton_march 2017
The glowing embers as the fire dies downfire03_named_binna burra_august 2015
Always need a fireplace190122_blog_challenge_fireplace_garys_duroux_rd_jackadgery
and firewood to go into the fireplace to cook or keep warm190219_blog_challenge_winter_firewood_ute
There is the fire of hell that religion depicts on church windowsstained glass_fire_avignon_may 2012
Some days it seems like our Sun is on fire170408_summer_fire02
The magic of fireworks180627_colourful_fireworks7
The skill of the fire twirler190128_blog_challenge_sunday_stills_night_fire_twirler1

The life savers in the Sky Crane to put out the bushfires
helicopter_fire_crane_caniaba_feb 2019

I couldn’t forget to put in a Red-browed Firetail finch
red browed finch02_binna burra_named_dec 2013

Or candles to remember and pray in the church
church candles_bologna_named_oct 2015

14 thoughts on “Fire

  1. so many photos spoke tome here – and the flow of pictures was fun – I also likelearning so much – the plant is cool and this bird: Red-browed Firetail finch
    oh what a cutie
    (have not heard this hendrix song in a while.. )

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to scroll through the fire Yvette 🙂 I hadn’t heard the Hendrix for a while either but it was the one that came to mind while compiling the post

      Liked by 1 person

      1. that is a good jam to have while crafting.
        and at the
        they used to have a 1960s room – not sure if they have it still
        but it was so cool.
        60s lights and all this huge mattresses on the ground – look like Ikea cots
        and Hendrix is one of the song that plays in the loop.

        Liked by 1 person

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