The Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday: Hungry

Baby birds are always hungry. The Featured Photo is some hungry Spangled Drongo chicks
Welcome Swallow chicks really get in therewelcome swallows_feed_time6_named_caniaba_oct 2018
The Brown Honeyeaters beak is long and sharp but the chick doesn’t care181214_brown honeyeater_nest_feeding1

The Currawong chick always called out when a parent was coming with food
currie_getting food

The Fig Bird chick seemed to always have the beak at the ready for a food drop
fig bird_feeding_nest_grafton_named_nov 2015
The Grey Fantail chicks argue who is getting the food firstfantail young03_nest_feeding_binna burra_named_nov 2014

Couldn’t decide on the music so here is two. One you will know and maybe something new for you to listen to


13 thoughts on “Hungry

  1. flashback with hungry eyes – wow –
    and the other song was new – I liked the opening and thing I would have enjoyed it on the radio more than seeing the singer straight on like that.
    and the baby bird – oh BB – such a delight

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      1. well yeah – and I found it a distraction – when she turned to the side – I wondered about the cut – and is it a perm.
        when the harmonizing started I waited for someone else to come on screen –
        it was too much her 9with no disrespect to her beauty of voice)
        it reminded me of “Yellow” by cold play – only with the way that video had too much of the singer too

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