Green is the Prime Colour of the World

The inspired quote from Debbie at Travel With Intent

“Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”  –  Pedro Calderon de la Barca

I am having difficulty in finding the right image from nature. So much of my world is green. Maybe I should just jump in and pick a few that show the loveliness of nature.
The green on green that hides a Grasshoppergrasshopper_basil_garden_named_caniaba_dec 2018
The subtle green of a Small Green-banded Blue Butterflysmall green-banded blue_home_named_april 2013
The green loveliness of the countryside180405_blog challenge_verdant_green view
A Hawk Moth Caterpillar from which loveliness ariseshawk moth caterpillar_named_home_march 2013
Bringing it’s own special loveliness, a Green Catbird wondersgreen catbird_named_binna burra_aug 2016

The special loveliness of Green Tree Frogs spreading smiles

24 thoughts on “Green is the Prime Colour of the World

  1. great collection Brian, as soon as I saw the ‘green prompt I thought of the lovely frog I’ve spotted lately … you got the best shot.
    Watched aghast as a currawong consumed a grasshopper this morning …know they have to eat but the killing seems torturous, nothing quick about it!

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  2. never heard that Kinks song before – they sure were a special sounding band…
    and enjoyed your green today—
    the Hawk Moth Caterpillar is similar to a little fella that was eating my peppers and tomatoes last august – and I just made a photo to share for the book promo – I will have to show ya

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    1. You should listen to the whole record. Village Green Preservation Society is a concept album. Has some great songs.
      The little band I played in at school used to do this song from the LP

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      1. oh thanks – and i will need this because I have “book promo head” from all the posts I made for 10 book plugs –
        and so will take this link to jam later

        and let ya know how it goes

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