Being a parent

One day, hearing some calls from birds, the call from a Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike was very plaintive and persistent. Wondering what was going on I wandered outside and here is what I found.

“Boy, it’s a relief to get away from the kid”
black_faced_cuckoo_shrike1_named_caniaba_march 2019
“Hey Mum, what are you doing?”
“Do we have to sit here long?”
“I’m hungry”
“What are we going to do today?”
“I’m hungry.”
“Do you know where Dad went?”
“What’s that flower over there?”
“I’m hungry.”
black_faced_cuckoo_shrike2_named_caniaba_march 2019
“Did you tell him I was here?”black_faced_cuckoo_shrike3_named_caniaba_march 2019

“Look! What’s that over there?”
“Can you see it?”
“It could be an insect or something to eat.”
black_faced_cuckoo_shrike4_named_caniaba_march 2019

“Now’s my chance to get away again”
black_faced_cuckoo_shrike5_named_caniaba_march 2019
“Mum, don’t forget me! Where are we going now? Wait up.”black_faced_cuckoo_shrike6_named_caniaba_march 2019

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