Lunch on the side of the road

I was driving along the Summerland Way heading to see my bestie, when I spotted a large shape ahead on the side of the road. I instantly knew what it was, slowed and parked the car. Turning the engine, music, lights off I wound down the window, grabbed my camera and hoped that I get some photos of the Wedged-tailed Eagle, the largest bird of prey in Australia, having lunch.

This is what I saw. WARNING It does contain some grisly photos.

The first quick photo just in case he flew off once he spotted me stopped. He did see me but I tried to be as still as I could and hoped he was very hungry and would continue eating the Red-necked Wallaby who was most probably road kill.
wedged-tailed eagle_wallaby_eating_named_dilkoon1_march 2019

Then it was back to having his lunch – actually it was late afternoon
wedged-tailed eagle_wallaby_eating_named_dilkoon2_march 2019

Another look up to see if I had moved
wedged-tailed eagle_wallaby_eating_named_dilkoon3_march 2019

Ripping off a piece of meat from the Red-necked Wallaby, he just tossed it down. Now you can see the talons, about the size of your hand
wedged-tailed eagle_wallaby_eating_named_dilkoon4_march 2019

More to eat while still keeping an eye on me
wedged-tailed eagle_wallaby_eating_named_dilkoon5_march 2019

Now where to have a nibble. Aren’t those fluffy pants adorable?
wedged-tailed eagle_wallaby_eating_named_dilkoon6_march 2019
Suddenly some small birds flew into a nearby tree. Probably seeing me, they started making their warning calls. This distracted him from the meal and he looked around at the bush behind just in case the threat came from that direction.wedged-tailed eagle_wallaby_eating_named_dilkoon7_march 2019

As the other birds kept their racket up, he decided it was time to go. As he unfurled the 2 meter plus wings he was gone. Unfortunately I was unable to get the lift-off as he flew into the bit of bush behind.
wedged-tailed eagle_wallaby_eating_named_dilkoon8_march 2019

That was the end of my encounter. As I started the car and gave those small birds a glare, I noticed he had just flown a few meters into a tree but I was unable to stop again on the sometimes busy road.

22 thoughts on “Lunch on the side of the road

  1. what timing BB.
    Love how you gave those birds a glare (thanks a lot little fellas) but very cool to see these photos. What a majestic bird – feel bad for the road kill but such is the circle of life –

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      1. that is a good tip to know -to pull it off the road.
        and di you know that last weekend my spouse hit a huge raccoon with his car (5:30 a.m.) and it did some serious damage – thankfully it was covered by insurance.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes – but it has been working out okay – but still crazy.
        And I am putting dear whistles on all of the vehicles-
        and when we were at the repair place this week i was telling a tow truck guy about the whistles and he had a pair he did not use and he gave them to me. –
        isn’t that fun – and I gave him some essential oils as a thanks.
        have you ever heard of the whistles?

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      3. Yes. Some people use them for Kangaroos. Not sure if they are all that effective but anything is worth a shot I reckon. Good of him to give you the deer whistles for free. Good of you to give him some oils he might need if he uses them at all.

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      4. Well I told him how to use the oils – the lavender was for relaxing the nervous system – helps engage the parasympathetic Ns and helps help the body (I told him a bit of aromatherapy) and the the leftover peppermint I had with me I told him to
        Put three or four drops on hisbcraoey if near the -AC cos sometimes mold
        Gets in the ac vents –
        We connected
        And all while he loaded someone’s 2007 Cadillac onto a flat bed – ha!
        It was totaled with a cracked frame
        – and I have a few
        Photos from that day

        Liked by 1 person

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