Close Up

The word prompt from the Lens-Artists: Close up

Tiny Stingless Native Bees and a Hippeastrum flower
stingless native bees_flying_day lily_flower_orange_garden_named_home_nov 2018

Now you saw how small the Stingless Native Bees are, here is one on a Bangalow Plalm flower filling its pollen sacs
bangalow palm flowers8_native bee_crop_home_april 2012

Even an ant has to have a drink sometime
ant4_drinking_home_crop_jan 2012

The beautiful face of a harmless Carpet Snake
carpet snake01_home_named_jan 2014

One of the biggest flies I have here. Yes they bite.
A lovely Caper White Butterfly enjoying a bit of nectar from a Pentas flowercaper-white-butterfly02_named_home_nov-2016

48 thoughts on “Close Up

      1. Oh no……..they are harmless. Carpet snakes are pythons so they catch their prey by constricting. They can squeeze hard when I pick them up as they are not allowed near my chooks πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi Brian, what theme do you use for your blog? I’m shopping because my theme doesn’t have two features that I want. You click My Site, scroll down to click theme. The name of your theme shows up on top of the page with all the themes. Thank you.

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      1. I started to use a part called “sticky” where you stuck a post onto the front page. It uses too many bytes when accessing your site. Have no just settled on the 10 last posts

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