Upside down

V.J’s Weekly Challenge: Upside down

Sometimes the world looks better upside down
little wattlebird_looking_named_binna burra_march 2018

or the flower goes upside down when you sit on the branch
blue faced honeyeater_home_crop_sept 2013

or when your lunch is easier to eat that way
170823_blog challenge_small subjects_scarlet honeyeater 10

22 thoughts on “Upside down

  1. Birds are amazing – such different balance systems than ours – I once read about it when some writer talked about how they sit on phone lines and all that – I cannot recall much of the article – but your pics reminded me of it –
    And also love the colors – especially as it is winter here and quite blah outside – still some winter beauty to behold – so much- but the dose of color here reminds me of the vibrancy to come in a few months

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