One day at the seed bowl

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pairs

There used to live in my street a number of people, who have since moved on, who used to put out bird seed mainly for the parrots. Since then I have a pair of King Parrots who come to the trees around the house and whistle. I don’t like to feed the birds but I have a bowl of seed I put out every now and then for this pair of King Parrots.

They are a couple and it is thought that they mate for life, that is why there is nearly always a pair of King Parrots in my garden.

He always lets her eat first when they arrive on the verandah together. Keeping a wary eye on me.
Then they swap around and she keeps her eye on me while he eats.190110_blog_challenge_pairs_king_parrots1

15 thoughts on “One day at the seed bowl

  1. I would be so amazed to see such beautiful birds at our feeder. All we get are gray colored doves, sparrows, and the occasional finch with a little bit of red on them. Oh, and the big grackles.

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    1. It is rather special. Although being such big birds they can be a bit of a pest sometimes. I love the word Grackle as a bird name. There is a bird called a Whipbird here that makes a grackle grackle sound as well as their whip call.

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      1. Very cool to see the variety of wild birds you have where you are. I did look up the Whipbird, and got to hear what they sound like. Astonishing how much they do sound like a whip cracking! The Grackles here are pretty noisy, and have several loud whistles and clucks that they make.

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