The word prompt from Debbie at Travel With Intent: White

So many white things in this world. Perhaps I will look at flowers, birds and my world of white
A fungi which pops up when it rains. Sometimes can get as big as a dinner plate.fungus_white_named_home_oct 2018

Lovely daisy like flowers that grow along the roadsides near my place.
white flower_yellow centre_binna burra_named_june 2014

A maas of white flowers that insects love to come and seek the pollen.
white flower01_named_home_feb 2015

Pelicans glow in the afternoon sun
171228_blog challenge_white_pelican standing

A Native Hibiscuswhite flower_named_binna burra_march 2017
White-headed Pigeons are only partially white I guesswhite headed pigeon_named_binna burra_feb 2018

More lovely white flowers from my besties old garden
white crocus_named_emerald beach_march 2017
My white Hydrangeas 170920_blog challenge_square in september_white hydrangea

I am not sure but I think it is a Camellia
rose_white_named_orange_feb 2015

Caper White Butterflies are on their migration and I hope to see lots at my place soon.

Another shot of the white flowers. Maybe a White Crocus?
white crocus_named_binna burra_april 2014

Who can go past the soft white of clouds.
clouds_home_named_april 2014
Had to include the dog cloud once again170712_blog challenge_clouds_bear

These clouds made me stop the car on the way to work
clouds_amazing_grafton_named_nov 2013

Our Moon, white and bright in the sky
180928_blog challenge_blackandwhite_circles_curves_moon

Featured image Cats Whiskers, one of my favourite flowers

14 thoughts on “White

    1. Thank you Debbie 🙂 Yes white clouds are not here much at the moment. over 160mls of rain here yesterday. I wasn’t home and the rain gauge overflowed so who knows how much rain

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  1. What a wonderful collection. The pelican looks just perfect. Is it a youngster? And that cloud! Wow. My favourite is the first flower, though, very unusual and beautifully set off in the greenery.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes it is a young pelican – the brown on the neck. I love Cats Whiskers flowers. This one doesn’t have the purple tips showing as much. Had to stop driving when I saw the “dog” cloud 🙂

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