Time #15 – Time of the Season

This months photo challenge in square format from Becky is Time

This month I will put a song with the photo.











The December theme is TIME. I am sure everyone has found at least one #timesquare, but just in case you are struggling here are some #timesquare ideas;

Timepieces – clocks, watches, sun dials and egg timers
Sayings – Time & tide wait for no man (or woman!), A stitch in time saves nine, Early bird catches the worm, In the nick of time or More haste, less speed
Synonyms – era, moment, season, infinity, interval, lifetime and age
Out of the box – nighttime, downtime, pastime and mealtimes!

24 thoughts on “Time #15 – Time of the Season

    1. Thanks Becky 🙂 I shall go through them and see if you have missed any. That’s the trouble doing a whole lot of schedules and using the latest post of yours for the ping back I guess. Thanks for finding me 🙂


      1. I think something odd happened at weekend, as your post was one of many WordPress had moved there. There was also lots of proper spam, so wonder if the bots were active at weekend and WordPress had to do a major spam action?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Me too. I tried the new write format and it didn’t let me publish, the time was wrong It was not good at all. Loading photos, especially trying to load a lot, as I do for my monthly wrap up, didn’t work.


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