The word prompt from Bren: Trees

You would think that living in the forest I would have lots of photos of trees. I have some but nothing as wonderful as Brens trees.

181211_blog challenge_trees_fig_tree_ballina


grass trees_named_naughtons gap_oct 2018


yellow sky_trees_named_binna burra_march 2018


181211_blog challenge_trees_orange_bark_shedding


sunrise_named_caniaba_oct 2018


The Ragtag Daily Prompt: Ripple

The colours of the ripples always attracts me especially when the sky is so fierywater_sunset_named

The ripples made an interesting background
lake russell_reeds water_named
The lines of light and darkwater_clarrie hall dam_named_oct 2014
Reflections of the boat in the ripples water reflections_burano_named_oct 2015

The sequential patterns in the lazy ripples
water reflections01_burano_named_oct 2015

Oh the colours and shapes

Another sunset
180614_blog challenge_light_sunrise_water

Time #11 – Any Time At All

This months photo challenge in square format from Becky is Time

This month I will put a song with the photo.



The December theme is TIME. I am sure everyone has found at least one #timesquare, but just in case you are struggling here are some #timesquare ideas;

Timepieces – clocks, watches, sun dials and egg timers
Sayings – Time & tide wait for no man (or woman!), A stitch in time saves nine, Early bird catches the worm, In the nick of time or More haste, less speed
Synonyms – era, moment, season, infinity, interval, lifetime and age
Out of the box – nighttime, downtime, pastime and mealtimes!