Balance: Sculptures by the Sea

The word prompt from Jenn at Traveling At Wits End: Balance

I try to go to a wonderful outdoor art exhibition held on the cliff edge and parks on Sydney’s southern beaches called Sculptures By The Sea. Here are some great sculptures I photographed over the years that have good balance

181126_blog challenge_balance_mattresses


181126_blog challenge_balance_lady


181126_blog challenge_balance_discs


181126_blog challenge_balance_skeleton


181126_blog challenge_balance_cresent


And one that didn’t have good balance
181126_blog challenge_balance_figures

45 thoughts on “Balance: Sculptures by the Sea

  1. Whoa, the mattresses one reminds me of a children’s tale of the princess and the pea. She felt the pea despite her servants placing many mattresses on top of another. This photo speaks a more darker tale to me about how the people serving her felt crushed by the weight of this problem…

    Cool collection of photos! I really enjoyed it!

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      1. lol not even dreamt of! But the overcrowded filth and the astronomical charge to use a loo lost me … would never return … there was nothing attractive or romantic about it!

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