Yesterday in my garden

I was on the verandah and noticed all the colour in the garden. I grabbed my camera and walked around getting photos of the flowers. I even found a native Smooth Pea just popped up. This will be a huge post so I think I’ll do a slide show. I also haven’t included all the flowers as it would be too much. There are some flowers I have posted before as well. Maybe I’ll do another post if you want.

I am sure you will know some of the flowers but if you want to know about any of them, please ask. I will group them as best I can.

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48 thoughts on “Yesterday in my garden

      1. So many are in flower because the rain and a prolonged dry spell. The Eucalypts are flowering which are hard to get good photos as the flowers are on the tops of the tree. Many of the trees are quite tall


      1. Ahhhh – I know the feeling and on my recent lens artist post I went from 8 to 5 images because it was feeling heavy!
        So I think that is how we gauge it – like you knew to stop adding pics and I went in a don chopped a few –
        But a few weeks ago I did an A to Z and had 26 pics – and that felt right at the time….
        Guess we have to wing it each post… eh?

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      2. Ha hahah
        That is a fun way to think of it.
        I did that with that post with all the records and where I went in and found songs –
        The one I already thanked you for checking out-
        And even tho it seemed like the crickets were out for that post –
        It was the hell with it mindset- it was for me – and a couple specific readers (namely the one from Australia Who asked a little question and it led to an idea)
        I was also so proud of the post because I followed thru with that idea-
        Sometimes things take too much time and need to be skipped – ha- but I had a couple hours one afternoon and cracked back the knuckles and got to looking (not really any knuckle cracking)
        But our MO does change as we do – eh?

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      3. Imagine a question that leads to a post that leads you down the rabbit hole and then a mile of stuff and the question to post or not. I admire the follow through. I have said what a good idea but often haven’t actually done a post. I will go out and fulfill one now before it gets dark.
        Long post often get set aside. A lack of comments does mean not many looks. Check stats which gives a number of looks and comments. Can be disheartening when you go to an effort

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      4. Only disheartening if you look at it in certain ways- and I mean this when I say I cannot look at numbers – first because it is post changes one person’s life – or enriches it or just connects with them – it really does mean everything to me.
        I think it is common today to like at numbers with a skewed filter –
        Ya know? Sure it feels good to have a bunch of page views – but less can be more meaningful –
        And I like how you tracked the question to a post to a question – whoa…. cool shit!

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      5. yes…
        but many viewers will never leave a comment – and might not even show up in any stat –
        and might even show up years from now to skim the beauty –
        it really is multi-faceted

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      6. i id not mean people who leave comment in years to come.
        I more meant that sometimes blog posts will be visible in the future. Kind of like how I foudn your rooster pictures.

        I sometimes stumble upon old threads in certain places – the people are long gone but sometimes visitors make their way there.
        So that is what I meant. Maybe some posts will never see much traffic now or later – but sometimes the web trail leds them that way.
        Two examples.
        A few years ago when i was healing up intestinally I found this old blog site that had five blogs connected to it – and the folks were interacting and sharing comments. It was for health and healing and the lady who started the main site was a biologist – anyhow, the site shut was no long active after 2012, but I read so many of the back posts (a wealth of info about things like castor oil, vitamins, etc.) I felt like a i knew some of them and It was such a good resource.
        and then more recently, when I was writing flash fiction, I wanted a tip for going with my idea of a master player who was using wisdom as he played with a beginner. well… found a reddit thread where folks replied to chess questions. The thread was more than 15 years old.
        oh and I also once found articles that were posted in 1997 – and it was “updated” from material that was made in the early web days of 93 (something like that).
        and so the point I was making was that sometimes blog posts will get visitors long after we have forgotten about the post and/or the comments that were with it. Unless we delete it all – they will remain available and who knows what rabbit trail search will lead someone to a post….

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      7. OK I understand now. I have done that as well. That’s why I love researching for projects and looking back at the history of a subject. Some of the stuff you find is amazing. My media on my blog is almost 50% full now. When it gets fuller I’ll have to make a decision about keeping stuff, deleting posts or start a new blog but I like my blog name and address. If I look back there is some crap I have plus some photos have been repeated in posts. I am glad you found me πŸ™‚

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      8. I am really glad I found you too – and extra glad I reached out for permission rather than using the image without permission.

        and then I am glad that you were like Mr Cool Dude from 10,000 miles away – ha

        And one thing I have done to help keep the media down – (even though they have cheap upgrades for bloggers who want to keep the name and all) but after about a year of blogging I learned about using smaller sized photos for certain things.
        Sometimes I was way too small and folks could not enjoy the photo. But I have found a happy balance to using a copy of the originbal photo (1/3 the soace it takes up) and can be just as clear. But if I want to show details – i upload the original file. Like my recent post with that train mural – it had to be the biggest image in order for someone to maybe zoom in.
        I am not sure who told me about using smaller sizes, but it also helped me posts load faster.
        And I am not sure how much time you want to spend on it – but I have gotten into the habit of adding my logo while getting the smaller copy

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      9. I guess my photos are over 1 meg. I will check as sometimes it automatically resizes. Smaller resolution could work. I am a narcissist when it comes to my photos. I want everyone to get the same pleasure as I do lol

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      10. well yes – and that was the issue I ran into (and sometimes still do) clarity – and detail.
        so it takes some thinking – but for slideshows and certain presentations the viewers only get a medium file anyhow – so even a larger image does not matter at that point

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      11. well I resize first before I upload.
        and side note – I am getting ready to try and delete a few thousand pictures.
        Not for space, but tired of going through so many and it is like cleaning a closet out – just time to toss.

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      12. I looked at some of my photos. Some with detail, landscapes are 80 – 100kbs but most are between 40 – 50kbs.
        I am going through my photos and putting into folders. When I download all photos go into a misc folder in date order and sorted from there. I am almost through March 2018. Started a few weeks ago Sept 2017. Lots of deletions I didn’t do when first uploaded

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    1. These are all around the house I am unsure of how big. Not all that big as I don’t have enough water in dry times to keep everything alive. My climate is bordering on Sub-Tropical. The forest is evolving from a Dry Sclerophyll forest as I don’t put fires through every year as in the past owners. I have pockets of rainforest growing and many native plants are coming back

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      1. Oh no I am closer to Brisbane which is 4 hours away. I am in the foothills of the Gibraltar Ranges around 35kms west of Grafton NSW A locality. Jackadgery is my nearest location. Sometime I would love to have a cottage garden but summer heat……….

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      2. My eldest son and family have just moved to Brisbane. You never know I might yet get to see your garden! I wonder why I thought Melbourne? And I have probably been through Grafton – it rings a faint bell.

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