Tables or Chairs

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Any kind of tables and chairs

Bobbin on his table of choice
181102_blog challenge_blackandwhite_tables_chairs_bobbin_table

The Grafton Catherdral
180228_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton catherdral_chairs rows

The church in Verona
170926_blog challenge_chairs_bandw

The dining room in the hotel in Split Croatia
181102_blog challenge_blackandwhite_tables_chairs_split_croatia
Table and chairs in a cafe in Avignon France181102_blog challenge_blackandwhite_tables_chairs_table_avignon




24 thoughts on “Tables or Chairs

      1. and thank you sooooooo much for checking out the long music post I made (whew – maybe a little long for a blog post, but it was for moi – and it was for a few bloggers – like maybe you) – and so your comment there meant a whole lot – I will reply to it soon.
        I am getting back into blog mode after some “curriculum reviewing” kicked my ass this month – blahhhhhh

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      1. OH yes. I got in trouble for trying to make my own cup of tea. Was told quite severely to sit and he would come to my table to serve me. It was a fab brekkie. I left him a tip as he kept making sure I had enough tea lol


      2. On another track. I watched and American TV show about living in OS places. They were going to Portugal, Lisbon. The monthly rents they were quoted was $A2000 + a month. Is it really that much to rent in Lisbon?


      3. Prices are certainly increasing because Lisbon is growing in popularity and Airbnb is having a huge impact, however you can definitely find cheaper prices than this. Sounds as though they were either after very high end or had a dodgy agent!

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