19 thoughts on “Time

  1. thanks for the PF song.
    The other day, my hubs said that this is was still a top pink floyd song for him – this one and Run Like Hell…
    and for me – I like some of the smaller ones – Vera, Show Must Go on, etc.

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      1. well if you do – people have the option of skipping it if they are not into it – but for those that have time to learn – or want to – it could be very informative and just fun.

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      2. that sounds really cool.
        Hope you have a great rest of your day (as I hit the sack over here – after a super restful weekend ahhh)
        and I promise not to mention you in any more blog posts for a while (I have mentioned you a few times lately and well, I mustn’t overdo a good thing – lol)

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