Caught Unawares

The inspirational quote from Debbie at Travel with Intent

“I like to photograph anyone before they know what their best angles are.” – Ellen Von Unwerth

In the throes of passion
ones attentions
are not drawn
to the surroundings.
Never notice
who may be there,
camera poised.
An intimate moment,
caught unaware,
170712_blog challenge_bugs_moth sex


170712_blog challenge_bugs_lineblue butterfly sex


170712_blog challenge_bugs_dragonfly sex


17 thoughts on “Caught Unawares

  1. You should give your viewers a warning with such risqué content dear BB!
    Kidding – love the quote and the captures – this really reflects your hours immeresed with nature to be privy to such encounters and then to also have camera! Nice
    And my favorite image is the third one – the silver gray is wonderful / and from a distance it looks like
    One large butterfly – but then it is two – and are those butterfly moths?

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    1. I did contemplate putting a NSFW or Warning: May contain images of a sexual nature or more likely images of nature sex.
      The butterflies are Line-blue Butterflies of which are many varieties.
      You never know what you may encounter that’s why I have my camera handy when walking about. Sometimes it may involve a mad dash to get to the camera.

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      1. Oh such nice captures and thanks for the name of the what might now be one of my favorite butterflies – for color that is – their mating style is a little too cold and impersonal- hah

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      2. Oh that is inconvenient – having a nice wind down after a catch-up month in September (on sleep and misc stuff that needed to get done)I am feeling the fruits of it now – if that makes sense – and watching some Thursday night football which is boring so I might go read…

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      3. Well the AC is on so it is still a bit warm in our part of east coast – but still
        Tucking up (so
        And side note – your title was so good – it pulled me in (caught unawares) and was so fitting for this nature capture

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