The Faces of Water

The word prompt from Nancy’s Photo a Week Challenge: Water

Why do I say the faces of water?
Water can have a calm face to look at for ages.
180914_blog challenge_water_dam_murwillumbah

The calm face of the gentle  ripple of waves at sunrise
sunrise_apollo bay_named_march 2010
The raging face of floodwaters pounding down the river180914_blog challenge_water_clarence river_lilydale

The reflective face of water lapping at the hulls of boats
water reflections_burano_named_oct 2015

The lonely face hanging from a thread of web
water drop_named_binna burra_june 2017
and sometimes the water actually shows its’ faceghost face_named_grafton_august 2015

16 thoughts on “The Faces of Water

  1. The water face is fun and again I see art in some of the pics here – maybe some Munch in the last but definitely feel Monet with the water lapping one
    😉 feels like loose brushstrokes –
    And nice flow from pics to works to pics etc

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      1. Well
        I just see “different” things and that is what makes blogging fun. And I might see different things on these same pics if I viewed them six months from now – ya know? Sometimes we just have certain things in our head at a certain time (priming)

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      2. Have a quick “primed” story to share!
        So I am on an airplane – traveling with an infant and the man next to me was a nice fellow – big burly dude – jeans and T-shirt – ( I traveled from Denver to Orlando a lot in late 1990s because tickets were always on specia) so the man tells me he works in a nursery and I was shocked ! His hands were rough and dark lines around his nails – and for aabout five minutes I was perplexed – imagining him in a children’s nursery going from crib to bouncy seats! Well then I got it (as he chatted) and it was a plant nursery – duh! But I was so kid mode my mind (primed) went right there – lol
        And maybe I see art right now (in your pics) because I was at the local museum a few too many times this summer –

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