Pick a Word for September

Paula has supplied some good words this month for Pick a Word
I hope I can do her words justice with my photos this month. I do so love this photo challenge. I have done a bit of cheating using one of Kimskys drawings but I did take the photo for her portfolio.

which way_stairs and lights


shed_rust_named_caniaba_july 2018

common jezabel butterfly_named_binna burra_may 2018



jupiter najnajnoviji

18 thoughts on “Pick a Word for September

      1. a pest? wow – well they are easy growers here and seemed to have a big surge of them in the garden world 2005 to 2010 –
        like the potted plants would have multicolored lantana for the midrange hanging blooms –
        and I did have some white lantana come back one year and it was a surprise and a gift –
        but a pest – wow –

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      2. Oh yes. I have impenetrable gullies filled with the spiky stuff. I spend a bit of my time pulling them out. The red variety is poisonous to stock so it is on the hit list so the neighbours animals don’t get sick.

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