The word prompt from Laura: Hush

“Hush now and sit still.” “You have to look your best.”
170810_blog challenge_upright_wallabies01

“But Mum, I washed there this morning.”
170810_blog challenge_upright_wallabies02

“Hush my baby.” “There’s a bloke with a camera going to take your photo.”
170810_blog challenge_upright_wallabies03

“Ow Mum, I don’t need washing under there all the time.”
170810_blog challenge_upright_wallabies04

“Look, we just look lovely now don’t we?”
170810_blog challenge_upright_wallabies05


The Aussie version


39 thoughts on “Hush

  1. Talk about being at the right place at the right time! I love how you captured the moments so well with your entertaining story and photos combined – left me smiling!! Great job :-)!

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  2. Also, loving you contributed a unique direction to the prompt! I think of ” hush”. And I think of the moments just before sunrise, a snow blanketed evening..the calm that seems to cover the land when the hustle and bustle of warm days quiets to a hush

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  3. Brilliant, just brilliant. And exactly out of Winnie the Pooh, when Kanga does this to Roo. I wonder if Milne ever saw them for real or whether he simply transferred human behaviour.

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  4. Hi BB – jamming to the song right now – and i know this song from growing up and the live version is tasty
    – and laughed at your notes about what the roos were saying.

    But instead – I imagined the parent kangaroo –


    “I smell bacon”
    no, wait, i smell it over here.

    were you eating bacon.
    no the scent is gone…
    whew – but I know I smelled bacon :

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