Close Up

The word prompt on the Tuesday Photo Prompt: Close Up

I love close up photography. So many photos to choose from so here is just a few of my Close Ups

The Welcome Swallow was just as interested in what I was doing as I him.
180819_blog challenge_close up_welcome swallow

The Wanderer Butterfly wing has so many patterns and colours
180819_blog challenge_close up_wanderer butterfly wing

The Green Tree Frog seemed happy to see me and my camera
180405_blog challenge_smile_frog
A Tawny Frogmouth just looking in on what you are doing
tawny frogmouth_face_named_binna burra_nov 2017

21 thoughts on “Close Up

    1. I often use a macro function on my camera. Here’s a little secret of mine. The wing of the Wanderer Butterfly was taken with telephoto function of my Canon PowerShot. Sometimes the same can be done with a phone camera

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      1. Well I was actually going to check with you in doing a forward for my avian friends 2 book.
        But before I do it I need to finish this to do lousy!
        And I have some tips ofmr you with one idea for our book.
        But I think it is time for you!
        Big time

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