Square Rooves #30

It’s the last day for #RoofSquares in June. I have shown rooves from Europe, Asia and Australia.

For the last post I thought I would show you my rooves. Living in the bush a man needs his sheds. From the first house I built to the many sheds with their own purpose. OK I enjoyed building sheds. There have been previous posts with a bit of a story of the building. Have a look at the past posts   The old house     My daughters playhouse

Here is the rooves of my place
The remains of the first home I built. This part is the bathroom and laundry and is now where I park the farm ute, Old Smokey.
180630_square rooves_my place_old house
The girls playhouse totally built from recycled materials
180630_square rooves_my rooves_playhouse
The old chook house which has seen better days
180630_square rooves_my place_chook shed
The early workshop, feed shed and general storage
180630_square rooves_my place_tool shed
The same shed from a different angle. This part was the potting shed, garden tools and plant house.
180630_square rooves_my place_tool shed2
The big shed. Has junk worthwhile stuff, things that will come in handy one day. Built from poles in the ground cut, barked from the property across the road. They were going to burn the timber that was pushed down with a dozer and piled up. I asked if I could take some poles and built the chook house, this shed and a couple of water tank stands. The bit behind the water tank is where the Grey Fergie lives
180630_square rooves_my rooves_tall shed
Another view of the shed and carport. Upstairs is furniture that will be restored one day
180630_square rooves_my rooves_tall shed plus
The big tin shed that is becoming my new workshop
180630_square rooves_my place_tin shed

I almost forgot to include my home. Luckily I had this one from the Square Sky series
171220_storm on way_named_home_dec 2017 - Copy

Thanks to Becky for hosting this photo challenge. I had fun and hope you enjoyed my Square Rooves for June.

Check out the rooves at Beckys

19 thoughts on “Square Rooves #30

  1. Hi, the structures in your photographs remind me of the various ones my grandparents had built around the properties in Bequia (West Indies). Many of them had a catchment for rain water and bule (or bowlie) made from dried calabash gourds. The area is mountainous and when (as a young boy) I would make the trek with my grandmother she would make sure to stop by to check on the shed and grab a drink of water.

    FYI. I’ve never seen the word “rooves” used as the plural for roof. I was taught to use roofs. Both are correct.


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  2. hi BB – enjoyed seeing more of your property – and the chook house is my fav for composition – the fence, soft light to the back – right above the dark part of the siding – then the yellow door – nice mood

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      1. that sounds more than enough to maintain just the fencing, or is it mostly bush?
        Shame you aren’t closer to Ballina … I need a patch of earth to park my tiny home!

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