Life’s Struggles

When you are small in a big world, sometimes you have to push on, no matter what obstacles life may throw at you. Here is a tale of one such struggle. How obstacles were over come, how perseverance and strength can get you to where you want to go, even if your burden is huge.

I was watching a moths wing “walk” across the verandah. No, there wasn’t a breeze. Then I noticed the little ant when it turned around. Careful little lady.
ants tale1_named_binna burra_march 2018

Don’t get too close to the space between the verandah boards.
ants tale2_named_binna burra_march 2018

Oh dear. Over we go. I hope all is not lost.
ants tale3_named_binna burra_march 2018

Luckily that leaf was there to get a bit more height. It’s amazing what another 5mm can do.
ants tale4_named_binna burra_march 2018

Almost there.
ants tale5_named_binna burra_march 2018

OK then, mind how you go.
ants tale6_named_binna burra_march 2018

The little ant carried that wing to the edge of the verandah, over the edge, down the steps and disappeared under the steps.

Bravo little ant
ants tale7_close_named_binna burra_march 2018

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