Do you know how to get to……

I am doing a double for this post. The photo challenge for Paula’s Thursday Special: Way  (this is the second one for Lost in Translation) and Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge. It seems that Cee and I have the same idea, it’s just the application that is different. Compare Cees Which Way to mine.

I am sure there were cities of the world on there many years ago
1803027_blog challenge_which way_lismore sign

jupiter najnajnoviji


Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Time for more Odd Ball photos. Some are deliberate and others are the perennial Odd Ball question – Why?

This was in a secondhand furniture store (perhaps they would prefer antiques and collectables) and I had no idea what it was. I just looked again at the photo and realised it’s a……….. (your guess)
180327_odd balls_idontknow

I went to an open house for an old property that is for sale. One of the first settlers in Lismore. The house is over one hundred years old. Did I get some good photos? A couple but I did get a photo this nautical diorama. What is your favourite piece? I like the gum boots
180327_odd ball_diorama
Did anyone have one of these radios in their house? A collection in a cafe in Old Bar.
180327_odd balls_radios

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The Blue-banded Bee

I can’t remember the last after and before photo challenge I participated in. I enjoy converting photos and when a Blue-banded Bee is looking for nectar I have to wander around the garden chasing bees

The Blue-banded Bee and the Blue Ginger.
180327_before and after_blue banded bee_blue ginger_bandw


180327_before and after_blue banded bee_blue ginger

I wondered what the photo would look like with a bit of selective colour
180327_before and after_blue banded bee_blue ginger_sel col

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March Square – number 20

Around the house, there are a number of small artworks on 100X100mm canvases so its back to squares in squares for #March Square

Someones artwork found in an op-shop. Value for .50c It may be reworked by my bestie

One of my besties. There are a number in the series but I think some have been sold

Another one of the series

Another op-shop find of someones artwork. Reminds me of a rooster I once had

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